Patmos Island Patmos Island


Around the 16th century Skala was one of the most important commercial ports in the Mediterranean it was originally made up of warehouses and maintenance facilities for local and incoming ships.

The buying and selling of loot from pirates and the making and export of women`s stockings and embroidery were the major economic assets of the island and its people.
At sunset, everyone would return to their protected homes in Hora via the steps (skala).

The first homes were built at the beginning of the 19th century when European ships chased off the pirates of Turkey, Arabia, and other countries.
The Greek government under military dictatorship in 1972 built the current port making Skala the most populated and visited place on the island.

It offers most of the public services and being the island`s only port it has a selection of supermarkets, gift shops, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, bars, and everything you would expect to find in a commercial harbor.

Skala has taken the role of the city of Patmos while at the same time, it preserves a warm island atmosphere as would be expected from such a historic port.
The mix of people you see is a show of history repeating itself, and although you won`t find any pirates, you will meet people from all over the world coming either for spiritual enlightenment, relaxation, and/or a good time.

About 200 meters from the port is the beginning of the beach Agios Theologos (Saint Theologian). It is a sandy beach that is very popular on weekdays with the locals because they can take a quick dive, refresh themselves, and go on with their daily duties.

There is a row of snack bars along the beach making it very convenient for tourists on cruise boats, or day trippers from nearby islands who don`t have a lot of time: they can swim eat, and leave.

At the end of the beach, there is a fenced-off section with a sign saying that this was the spot where Saint John baptized the first Christians on the island in approximately 95AD, apparently, there is a spring that runs under the beach to the sea, making that section of the beach extra refreshing.

Five meters onwards you will find the church of St John (on the other side of the beach). This is where the new marina begins. All roads lead to Skala on this island so chances are you will be passing through Skala several times a day.

Everything you need to see and do is within walking distance so park in one of the 3 free parking spots, the less traffic, the better for everyone.