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Azzurro Diving Patmos: Uncovering the Underwater Treasures of Patmos

With many years of experience in underwater activities, Sakis and Zinovia created the Azzurro Diving Patmos diving training center on the island of Patmos. Fascinated by the extensive coastline and archipelago of Patmos they are eager to introduce you to a side of Patmos you have never seen before: its history and the richness of its underwater ecosystems.

A coastline of endless possibilities

The volcanic geomorphology of Patmos offers a generous and impressive coastline that stretches for over 60 kilometers, while its archipelago of islands, islets and underwater reefs provide a multitude of diving sites. This diversity of Patmos allows Azzurro Diving Patmos, regardless of weather conditions, to cater for the full range of divers, from novice enthusiasts looking for gentle reefs to seasoned explorers who crave the thrill of diving in deeper and more challenging environments.

Underwater history

Patmos served as a pivotal crossroads for civilizations spanning all continents. Its strategic location made it a safe haven and vital station for ships traversing Asia Minor, Cyprus, Egypt, mainland Greece, Rome, Spain, and North Africa. Here it is common to find fragments of the clay storage vessels known as amphorae used by merchant ships throughout antiquity to transport cargoes of wine, olive oil and other goods.

A wrecked warplane awaits

At the south western end of Patmos, at a depth of 14 to 24 meters in the lap of a magnificent reef is the wreck of a World War II warplane. It is a top diving experience for divers of all levels as it is combined with underwater caves and rich marine life.

A wallpaper of underwater beauty

While the Cave of the Apocalypse is one of the most famous caves in the world, it is only the beginning of a hidden network of underwater caves and passages, where the natural formations create an impressive spectacle of chambers that reveal unique rock formations and marine life. On the shadowy walls of the labyrinthine passages, a tapestry of underwater beauty of colorful sponges and other marine organisms create a unique underwater art gallery.

An impressive fish bears witness to the impact of global warming.

Warming waters are gradually changing the marine ecosystems of Patmos by inviting warmer marine species that previously could not thrive in the Mediterranean. The lionfish, an invasive predator native to the Indo-Pacific, is a prime example of this phenomenon. Its presence in the waters of Patmos is a clear indication of climate change and its effects on the delicate balance of marine life. Azzurro Diving Patmos` marine biologist can guide you to see these fish and learn about the marine ecosystems by snorkeling or scuba diving.

Azzurro Diving Patmos instructors are trusted, experienced and passionate professionals, dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of every diver. With personalized instruction tailored to individual needs and learning styles, the team enables divers of all levels to explore the wonders of the underwater kingdom of Patmos with safety and confidence.

Patmos is the emerging diving destination in the heart of the Aegean.

Experience the thrill of exploring shipwrecks, discover hidden caves, admire vibrant marine life and unlock hidden treasures in this pristine underwater world of Patmos.