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For over a decade, NECTAR has been providing a curated selection of food and beverages sourced from all corners of Greece. The products featured at NEKTAR are meticulously chosen by the owners, emphasizing quality while showcasing Greek delicacies to a broader audience.

 NEKTAR proudly offers a diverse range of food and drinks, sourced primarily from small-scale producers, highlighting the rich and sophisticated gastronomy of Greece. The owners travel to food and drink expos across the country, even venturing into the most remote regions, to discover and select the finest offerings.

 Each year, NEKTAR introduces something new from a different part of Greece, often from a previously undiscovered producer. In the expansive world of NEKTAR, you`ll find a curated selection of both well-known and obscure yet high-quality labels, including:

 - Handpicked roe

- Extra virgin olive oil, both organic and biodynamic

- Olives

- Wild organic herbs, spices, and blends

- Cold cuts

- Honey and bee products, including royal jelly and pollen

- Seaweed and rye galettes

- Aged cheeses and wine-infused cheeses

- Exceptional breadsticks

- A plethora of delicacies from all corners of Greece

 Among their impressive assortment, NEKTAR proudly features renowned wines like the PATOINOS from Domaine de l`Apocalypse vineyard and the OSSIAKOS from Patmos. Additionally, they offer Lipsotiko wine, the Leriotiko wine IOKALLIS, along with an assortment of aged spirits, liqueurs, and the renowned flower water of Patmos.

 NEKTAR also extends its offerings to include natural cosmetics and essential oils, featuring facial oils, natural soaps, and ALOE VERA products. Olive wood items and various other thoughtful gifts are also available.

 For an evening gathering with friends at home or in the garden, NEKTAR suggests a delightful spread:

 - Seaweed galette with sun-dried tomato pate, feta cheese, and a dictam leaf topping

- Chicken apaki with orange

- Graviera cheese aged in a cave with thrombi

- Oven-baked green olives

- Breadcrumbs with Cretan graviera

- Pepper honey

 To complement this, enjoy aged tsipouro as a drink, followed by dried strawberry balls with yogurt and white chocolate for dessert. NEKTAR invites you to savor the very best that Greece has to offer, all in one place.