37°20”N 26°34”E.
INHABITANTS: 3,000 approximately.
AREA: 34 square kilometers.
COASTLINE: 63 kilometers

Tel. code: 022470
Post code: 85 500

LOW TOURIST SEASON: May-June and Sept.-Octob.

Patmos is located in an island group called the Dodecanese and is a part of the Hellenic Republic otherwise known as Greece

( Dodecanisa= 12 islands )

Dodecanese is an island group in south - eastern Greece in the Aegean Sea , located between the south - western coast of Asia Minor and the island of Crete. In spite of its name the group consists of about 50 islands and islets.

Only 14 of these islands are permanently inhabited. These are Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos, Kalimnos, Leros, Nissyros, Patmos, Simi, Tilos, Kastelorizon, Astipalea, Kasos, Khalki and Lipsos.

Rhodes, or Rodos, is the capital of the group and has the largest area and population of all the islands.

The total area of all the islands is 2,663 square kilometres (1,028 square miles), and they approximately 200,000 inhabitants.

Tourism is the main income source for most of the Dodecanese, especially islands with airports like Kos and Rhodes .

Another major occupation in the Dodecanese is agriculture, the leading crops being figs, olives, grapes, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables, also sponge fishing that holds a history of its own especially on the islands of Kalymnos and Simi where divers go as far as north Africa to collect sponges.

The Dodecanese have been ruled for centuries by various emperors, conquerors and liberators. After World War II they where finally ceded to Greece by Italy on the 10 h of February 1947 by a peace treaty in Paris, giving Greece its current form.